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This column is founded for world news records every week.

Credits: The main news sources is from The Economist Magazine(US edition). ONLY FOR INDIVIDUAL USAGE.

Issue: Apr.4th,2020


  • [哥伦比亚一游击队组织宣布停战一个月,以面对冠状全球疫情。](The ELN, a guerrilla group in Colomibia, declared a one-month ceasefire starting from April 1st. It called the decision a “humanitarian gesture” in response to the cover-19 pandemic.)

  • Nothing will stop them: [即使全球疫情的影响,也门内战仍然继续。](Fighting in Yemen continued despite calls for a truce to fight covid-19 instead.)

  • [欧盟各国领导人在loggerleads开会,讨论是否发行「冠状券」,以面对疫情下的经济萎缩的冲击。](European leaders were at loggerheads over the issurance of so-called coronabonds, government bonds jointly guaranteed by all countries of the euro zone. )

  • [「英国首相Johnson被冠状病毒检测-阳性」](Boris Johnson contracted conoid-19.)

  • [一美国航母舰长向海军求助,帮助处理舰上百名确诊病例。结果,被军方恶令驱逐出舰。](The captain of an American aircraft-carrier asked the navy for help following an outbreak of covid-19 on board.)

  • [世界最大避孕套制造商,警告全球避孕套将面临紧缺。有专家预测,全球将会面临新一轮婴儿潮。](The world’s biggest condom-maker, warned of a gloabl shartage because it has had to shut factories. Forecasters have already predicted a baby boom because of couples staying at home.)


  • [全球各股市交易所宣称,今年第一季度是自08年经济危机以来的历史最差一季度。](Many global markets recorded their worst quarter since the start of the financial crisis in 2008.)

  • [今年3月份,原油价格已经暴跌55%。90年代以来,历史最低。真的是比“矿泉水价格还便宜”。但很多人认为沙特和俄罗斯的价格战可能将结束,这周原油价格稍微反弹。](The price of Brent crude oil plunged by 55% in March, but rose this week amid hopes that Saudi Arabia and Russia might end their price war.)

  • [欧盟央行下达“暂停下发分红”命令,以拥有更多钱发放借贷。](The European Central Bank told banks in the euro zone to suspend dividend payments so that they can increase their lending capacity.)

  • [特朗普下达行政命令,通用公司将生产医疗呼吸机,缓解国内呼吸机极度紧缺情况。](Donald Trump ordered General Motors to start making hospital ventilators.)

  • [软银停止回购WeWork股票计划。#WeWork凉凉](SoftBank has pulled out of a deal to buy back $3bn-worth of shares from investors in Wework.)

  • [瑞幸咖啡自曝,去年公司销售额「造假」近22亿元。股票大跳水75%。](Luckin coffee shares plummeted 75% after financial misconduct investigation launched. )

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